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TVCC Equine Booster Program

Green Breaking Program

It is the goal through the TVCC equine program to certify students that are qualified to train horses for the public. Through TQA (Training Quality Assurance) we are working on trying to set an industry quality standard for starting colts. Currently the most common industry quality standard among people that should be training horses for the public is to have them for two month and through TQA’s phase four of training. It is also common for most people training horses for the public to charge between $600 and $800 per month. So to set a “solid foundation” on a horse a person should expect to pay between ($1200 and $1600). Although we are trying to meet the industry quality standard through the green breaking program, as a result of training young kids along with your young horse, we often times fall short of our goals.

Below I would like to share how much we have into the horses and offer a suggested booster donation. However, at the end of the day we are not running a business and whatever you choose to donate to our 501-C3 through the horse production program will be very much appreciated and will go far to help make our program better.

Suggest booster Donation

TVCC Expense

       $300 Feed and Bard

       $100 Teeth and Vet Expense


Suggested Training Donation

            Through Phase 4         $ 600 + $400 =   $1,000

            Through Phase 3         $ 443 + $400 =    $843

            Through Phase 2         $ 287 + $400 =    $687

            Through Phase 1          $ 131 + $400 =     $531

Ranch Horse Tune UP and Horse Show Option

TVCC also offers a Ranch Horse Tune up and Horse Show Option through the Equine Booster Horse Program. Students will take your horse through the TQA horse training program making sure your horse has a solid foundation, as well as apply that foundation to skills needed on the ranch and in the arena. If you choose to your horse can not only be ridden on campus, but shown at the Ranch Competitor Show series which involves stock horse’s classes, ranch roping and rope horse classes. In this program you either have a one month tune up option, two month option where horse will be ridden the entire quarter in a performance horse class, or 2 month and horse show option where the horse will be hauled and showed at a Ranch Competitor’s Event.

TVCC Suggested Booster Donation

TVCC expense for 1 Month

  •          Feed and Bard                        $145/ Month
  •          Student Training Fee              $ 200 ($10/ Ride x 20 rides)
  •          Program Fundraiser               $ 230            

                                                          $ 580

Training Options

1 - Month Performance Horse Tune Up (Foundation)           $580

2 - Month Performance Horse Introduction

           - Reining, Cutting, Ranch Horse, Rope Horse             $1,160

2 - Month Performance Horse and Shows                             $1,350

For more information on TQA visit

For more information on the Ranch Competitor’s Team and horse show events visit.

We cannot stress enough how much we appreciate your support to the program. We could not do it without your continued support.

Thank You

Wade Black