Cowboy Christian Fellowship

    Club Adviser: Wade Black

About Us:

CCF is a Christ centered club at TVCC focused on producing successful students through the core beliefs and values that America was founded on.  CCF has an online bible study and brings in guest speakers from the equine, ranching and rodeo industries to share with students what they have experienced in running a business with biblical principles. 

Mission Statement:

Produce successful students through helping them learn and put into practice the core beliefs and values that America was founded on. 


1)  Create a rodeo bible camp atmosphere for students unsure of their direction in life and wanting to seek the Lord for clarity in a career path.


2)  Bring in guest speakers to speak to students and share their "pearls of wisdom" in what they have learned in finding a career path, living their life and managing their business with kingdom principles.


3) Provide students with resources after graduation to continue pursuing  their career path with the core beliefs and values that America was founded on.  

4)  Create an environment of cowboys and cowgirls who like to have fun developing their horse training, ranching and rodeo skills, while growing in the Lord at the same time.    

5) Release a new generation into the work force whether; Ag, equine, ranching or rodeo, who know their identity in Christ, have developed their God given gifts and talents and are having fun reflecting their relationship with Jesus and the reality of heaven through their work.  

      "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that           you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as an reward.  It is the Lord Christ you are serving.                            (Colossians 3:23, 24)"


Below is a clip showing the foundation that our founding father's built the United State of America on.  The focus of CCF is helping students develop skills, find a career path and work in the ag, equine, ranching and rodeo industries while having a foundation built on these same principles.   

                                                       Matrix of Liberty PDF

                  ~On Line Bible Study~

Winter Series
Training Horses According to the Pattern of the Tabernacle


                                                                                                       Lesson 1:

                                                                                                Harness and Packing

                                                                                    Training for the Cross Online Videos 

                                                                                                       Lesson 2:


                                                                                           Attaining the Training Trifecta 

                                                                                    Training for the Cross Online Video


                                                                                                       Lesson 3:

                                                                                             Practicing the Presence 

                                                                                          Gideon's 300 Online Video 


Ground Work

Lesson 4: Introduction
3) Gideon's 300 Online Video:  Intro to the Tabernacle 

Lesson 5:  The Gate
3) Gideon's 300 Online Video:  Belt of Truth 

Phase 1 

Phase 2

      Lesson 8:  The Tent 

Phase 3

Phase 4

Lesson 10: How Far Do You Want To Go?
Summary:  Training Trifecta
Lessons From Israel's Journey  
The Call of Elisha

Spring Series 

Lesson 1:  
Roping, Team Work and the Stock Dog

Lesson 2:  
Third Assignment: Riding Broncs 

Lesson 3:  

Chip Ingram:  You’re a masterpiece in the making

Lesson 4:  

Chip Ingram:  How to develop your spiritual gift for kingdom impact

Lesson 5:  

Chip Ingram:  How to discover your primary spiritual gift

Lesson 6:  

Chip Ingram:  Beware of spiritual gift abuse

Lesson 7:  

Spiritual Gifts: Fanning the Flame 

Philosophy of Competition:  Ranch Roping, Rodeo and Business  

Lesson 8:  

Evidence of an Anointing Work Place and Family 

Lesson 9:  

Equally Yoked

Foundation for Perfection Marriage