Ranch Competitor's Team
Team Coaches:

   Wade Black
  Rope Horse Shows 

 Samantha Sederberg
 Stock Horse Shows 

 Jared Higby 
Stock Dog Shows 

Ranch Competitor's Team 

About Us:  TVCC's Ranch Competitor's Team (RCT) is focused on giving students experience in training and competing in skills needed on the ranch and in the arena.  Students on this team practice and compete at rope horse shows, stock horse shows, stock dog shows and rough stock rodeos. This team is focused on producing all-around cowboys/cowgirls and solid ranch and arena horse prospects. 

Mission Statement:  “We are a group of committed competitor's, who practice competing for team success in a supportive and fun environment.  Our goal is to improve with each ride or run and perform to the best of our ability and represent our team, our sponsors and our college through our performance and our attitude in and out of the arena.”    

Team Structure:  TVCC's Ranch Competitor's Team has both a Junior Varsity and Varsity squad.  Students in their first year at TVCC are given the opportunity to take the material learned from their classes and apply it to local competitions in the Treasure Valley.  Students who letter and earn a spot on the Varsity traveling team are given the opportunity to represent the college and our team sponsors on the road at competitions.  To earn a spot on the traveling team students must:

                                                  1) Maintain a 3:0 grade point average
                                                  2) Compete in first year show competitions
                                                  3) Attend team practices 
                                                  4) Fulfill livestock center responsibilities  

          Stock Dog: Jared Higby             Stock Horse:  Samantha Sedeberg         Ranch and Rope Horse: Wade Black 

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