Ranch & Rope Horse Shows 

Hosted by TVCC's

Ranch Competitor's Team

2018-19 Tentative Dates 
November  15th & 16th 
January 26th (Practice) 
February 15th & 16th
March 14th & 15th
April 5th (Practice)
May 9th & 11th 
May 25th & 26th 

          Judged Ranch and Rope Horse Shows

Mission Statement:

The Main focus of TVCC's ranch roping series is to:

1) Create a sport promoting the different areas needed to be successful ranch roping.    

2) Set a solid foundation in young kids and horses getting ready to enter the rodeo arena.  

3) Provide a fun atmosphere where parents and kids can play together at any age, or skill level.  

4) Help kids develop skills in the equine and ranching industry that could lead to part time, or full time employment.  

5) Offer an educational series for high school students with college credits available 

         - ANS 144 Ranch Roping Syllabus (Nov 6th - Nov 10th)     

         - For more info click here:  Dual Credit 

The goal of TVCC's Judged Rope Horse Series is to help young horses and kids advance in skill and ability. During the fall we will focus on just ranch roping classes, during the winter we will have a ranch roping and ASHA working cow horse classes and the final show in the spring we will have ranch roping, ASHA working cow horse classes and AQHA judged rope horse classes.  During TVCC's ranch ropings there will be 10 different divisions and 10 different classes. Prizes will be awarded for kids divisions at the finals May 25th-27th for the high point competitors in each division.  Competitors in each division can compete in as many classes as they like and the total points will go to year end prizes.  Adults who choose to enter foundation building classes (Ground Work - Phase 2), the money from these classes will go for year end prizes for the kids divisions.   

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Ranch Roping Horse Shows
(Fall, Winter & Spring Competitions)

  (Use TFTC Ranch Roping Judges Sheets) 

  Ground Work 

Rope dummy sitting on sawhorse, ride horse through obstacle course & rope, rope calves on foot.

Phase 1  

1) Rope Dummy on Horse, 2) Work Cow on Foot, 

3) Rope Cow w/ Breakaway Hondue on Foot

Phase 2 

1) Rope Dummy on Horse Back, 2) Work Cow on Horse  

3) Rope Cow w/ Breakaway Hondue on Horse 

Phase 3 

Rope w/ Exp. Roper (Judge Just Inexperience Roper)

Herd of Calves w/ Numbers, Call Number, Rope Calves, Must Hold Rodear 

   Phase 4 (Branding)

Judged Jack Pot Team Branding (Judge Header & Heeler)

 Herd of calves w/ numbers, call number, rope calves, must hold rodear

  Phase 4 (Pasture Doctoring)

Judged Jack Pot Team Doctoring (Judge Header & Heeler)

     Simulated pasture doctoring, two calves in pen, each person heads and heels fix ropes themselves.



Kids Divisions

Adult Jack Pots 
Colt-Class (60 Rides or Less)
Phase 3 (Inexperienced Roper Roping w/ Experienced Roper)  
Phase 4 Branding 
Phase 4 Pasture Doctoring 

                                     Judges Corner
                                                             (Score Sheets)

                    Ground Work                                               Phase 1                                                     Phase 2

                        Phase 3                                            Phase 4 - Branding                           Phase 4 - Pasture Doctoring  


3 Questions That Judges Will Ask While Scoring Phase 3 and Phase 4 

1)  Who a rancher would want to hire to train his horses, brand his calves and doctor sick cows outside?    

2)  Which horse would sell for the most money at a ranch horse sale?

3)  Which horse would a team roper want to buy? 


Ground Work through Phase 2

           - $10 (Focused on developing correct muscle memory in horses and ropers)

Phase 3 (Team Branding) 

           - $25 (Inexperienced roper roping with experienced roper, just inexperienced roper pays)

Phase 4 (Team Branding, Combined Score of Header and Heeler)

           - $25 Open Jack Pot, ($50 per team)

Phase 4 (Pasture Doctoring)   

           - $25 Open Jack Pot ($50 per team)

Reining Cow Horse Shows
(Winter Competition)

Use NRCHA Reining Cow Horse Judges Sheets for Reining Classes
Use TVCC Stock Horse Score Sheets for Working Cow Horse 
(To See Cow Working Score Sheets)
 (Click Here)
Phase 1
Ranch Riding Pattern 
ASHA Pattern
1) Work Flag, 2) Track Cow (Rate, Stop, Turn) 
3) Rope Pull Dummy (Walk or Trot)  

Phase 2
Trot Reining Pattern 
1) Box Cow, 2) Hold Balance Point & Turn Cow Away 
3) Rope Pull Dummy (Trot or Lope)  

 Phase 3
Lope Reining Pattern (Simple Lead Changes)
1) Box Cow, 2) Pen Cow in Roping Box
3) Rope Cow: Stop and Turn Cow 

 Phase 4
Advanced Reining Pattern (Flying Lead Changes) 
1) Box Cow, 2) Fence Work,
3) Rope Cow: Stop & Tun Cow, Turn Horse & Drag Cow  

Reining Classes
(Score Sheets)

               Beginner                                   Novice                                 Intermediate                              Advanced  


Cow Horse Classes             $25

Reining Classes                   $10          

                          Rodeo Horse Show
                           (Spring Competition

                                             Rope Horse Classes
                                                              (Use AQHA Rope Horse Score Sheets)
                Phase 1 (Team Roping)                               Phase 1 (Calf Roping/Break Away)

                                Trot out of Box                                                                                  Trot out of Box   
                            Rope Pull Dummy                                                                            Rope Pull Dummy 
                                 (Head, Heal )                                                                                    Tie Dummy 

                Phase 2 (Team Roping)                              Phase 2 (Calf Roping/ Break Away)
                               Lope out of Box                                                                                 Lope out of Box
                            Rope Pull Dummy                                                                              Rope Pull Dummy 
                                 (Head, Heal)                                                                                     Tie From Post 

                     Phase 3 (Team Roping)                               Phase 3 (Calf Roping/ Break Away)
                               Rope Slow Steers                                                                              Rope Slow Calves 
            Put on in Chute or Steer Stop (Heading)                                                              Get off Left Side 
                                                                                                                                                     Tie Calf 
                     Phase 4(Team Roping)
                     Rope Fast Steers (Rodeo Run)                                           Phase 4 (Calf Roping/ Break Away)
                                                                                                                                           Rope Fast Calves
                                                                                                                                         Get Off Right Side
                                                                                                                                               (Rodeo Run)

Judges Corner:

      Judges Perspective Heading                   Judges Perspective Heeling                  Judges Perspective Calf Roping
                  Score Sheets                                            Score Sheets                                              Score Sheets


Barrel Horse Classes
Use RCT Score Sheets
(Click Here)

 Phase 1
Trot Entire Pattern 

Phase 2

Lope and Trot Around Barrels 

Phase 3
Lope Entire Pattern 

Phase 4 
Run Entire Pattern (Rodeo Run)